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The Australia-based company will occupy space within the Fifth Third Bank building

EAST LANSING, Mich. EDL, a global leader in sustainable energy solutions originally established in Australia, is excited to announce the permanent location of its North American headquarters. From its new location, EDL intends to continue its quest to create “a world of new energy” and is continuing its journey as a global contributor to a more sustainable world.

EDL’s North American HQ will utilize space within the 30,054-square-foot Fifth Third Bank building at 2501 Coolidge Road in East Lansing. The property is owned and operated by Sam Eyde Management.

“We are very excited to welcome EDL to our building and we look forward to establishing a long-term relationship with such a great company,” said Sam Eyde, owner of Sam Eyde Management.

Formerly known as Energy Developments Pty Limited, EDL underwent a major acquisition and rebranding effort that aims to better position the organization for global growth and international advancements of its unique energy solutions.

“The Midwest has proven to be a region of great opportunity for the advancement of access to renewable and sustainable energy solutions for consumers,” said EDL North American Chief Executive Officer Jim Grant. “The Great Lakes region, and particularly Michigan, is home to many of our landfill gas customers and key partnerships. There is an abundance of skilled labor to support our operations, and as such it was a logical choice to bring our company’s new North American headquarters to a region we are familiar with. The Capitol region will be our base for optimizing our existing portfolio and continued growth in the United States and Canada.”

In 2017, EDL doubled its North American operations when it purchased Granger Energy Services’ landfill gas recovery division – which features two landfill sites in the Greater Lansing area dedicated to recovering waste gas for beneficial reuse. In total, the acquisition included 16 sites across Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Pennsylvania, Utah and Alabama. Since then, EDL has continued to operate at these sites as well as power stations owned in Quebec, Texas, Georgia, Illinois and Tennessee.

“With our expansion efforts, we aim to become a member of the local communities where we operate. While our efforts are global, we recognize that true impact starts in your own backyard,” said Lisa France, head of corporate affairs at EDL. “At EDL, our mission is to elevate the lives of each community we interact with by providing job opportunities and more sustainable energy solutions. We are passionate about supporting the communities we proudly serve.”

About EDL:

A leading global producer of sustainable distributed energy, EDL owns and operates a portfolio of 98 power stations in North America, Australia and Europe. From innovative renewable operations to clean and remote energy expertise, EDL delivers solutions to a diverse range of customers the world over.

The North American division currently generates more than 200MW, with one site in Canada and 27 sites in the United States. Learn more at