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East Lansing, MI — Maplegrove Property Management announced today that it has changed its name to Krimson. The company is one of Michigan’s leading property management, real estate investment and development companies. The company, which has 110 employees across the state, will use the rebrand as a launching point as it prepares for future growth. 

“The name Krimson is a play on the color. It is designed to evoke feelings of warmth and security of home that our communities provide. It also draws on inspiration from the fall color of the maple leaf, which references our original company name,” said Krimson Founder and Executive Chairman Jim Anderton.

The company was created in 2001 with a foundation of focusing on hospitality, community and providing the best possible experience for its residents and tenants. Today, Krimson sets itself apart by treating each of its properties as their own unique community. 

“While our name has changed, our culture and mission remain the same,” said Krimson Chief Operating Officer David Emdin. “We remain as committed as ever to the idea of home, which to us means providing a place where everyone who lives and works at our properties can experience comfort and a sense of caring.”

Krimson owns or manages more than 3,000 units across 45 residential and commercial properties. The company’s portfolio of properties is divided nearly equally between the West/Northern Michigan and Mid/West Michigan markets and is valued at more than $500,000,000. 

“Our rebrand comes at the ideal transitional time. We will be starting our 20th year in business in January, and our company is at a key point where we are positioning ourselves to grow both internally and externally,” said Krimson CEO Steve Calverley. “Internally, we havethree generations of leadership, all of whom have an ownership interest and are working to ensure the strength and stability of the company in the long term. Externally, we continue to seek out opportunities to add to our already strong portfolio.” 

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