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Lansing Community College will begin its fall semester Aug. 20 offering students mostly online classes with a limited number of hybrid and face-to-face sections. The COVID-19 pandemic continues to cause health concerns across the nation but LCC is poised to continue offering high-quality instruction to its students.

The hybrid and face-to-face sections are concentrated in programs that cannot effectively be taught in a virtual setting, primarily in Technical Careers and Health and Human Services. 

“We are prepared to provide our students with high-quality, accredited, online course options that will count the same as any on-campus class,” said LCC President Steve Robinson. “We have been focused on strengthening our online learning opportunities for some time and we are proud to have such a large online course catalog available during these uncertain times.” 

Fall 2020 course offerings fit into five types of learning options:

·       ON – Online: Traditional, asynchronous online courses.

·       ORT – Partial Scheduled Lecture: An online real time (ORT) class that has some regularly scheduled online meeting day(s) and time(s) along with unscheduled online instruction and activities.

·       ORT – Full Scheduled Lecture: An online real time (ORT) class where all instruction is delivered online during designated meeting day(s) and times.

·       OH – Online Hybrid: A class that has some regularly scheduled classroom instruction along with online coursework and activities. Students will receive face-to-face instruction in the traditional classroom, lab, or worksite, and will also participate in online instruction/learning.

·       Face-to-Face: A traditional, in-person class with on-campus instruction.

Most fall 2020 course offerings will fit in the first three categories. Limits on the hybrid and face-to-face offerings are critical to ensure the college community can continue to maintain the highest standards of safety protocol that include physical distancing requirements, daily health screening and masks.

LCC’s student and academic services will continue to be offered remotely during the fall. The health and safety of our students, employees and community is our top priority. Learn more at

About LCC:
Lansing Community College is committed to providing equal employment opportunities and equal education for all persons regardless of race, color, sex, age, religion, national origin, creed, ancestry, height, weight, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, disability, familial status, marital status, military status, veteran’s status, or other status as protected by law, or genetic information that is unrelated to the person’s ability to perform the duties of a particular job or position or that is unrelated to the person’s ability to participate in educational programs, courses, services or activities offered by the college.