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Lansing Asphalt Has Your Asphalt Covered in The Winter Too

Thursday, January 22, 2015   (0 Comments)
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Lansing Asphalt Has Your Asphalt Covered in The Winter Too

Lansing, Michigan January 19 2015

 Oh the joys of Michigan Winters.  Beautiful during the first few snow falls but as the months start to linger and the temperatures fluctuate to extremes, winter starts to take its toll not only on our spirits but on our local roads and infrastructure.  The constant freeze and thaw cycles wreak havoc on asphalt and concrete substrates through constant expansion and contraction.  This is what leads to potholes, water infiltration into cracks, catch basin collapses, sinkholes and frost heaves in roadways, parking lots and trails. There is also the dreaded, unforeseen surprise of water main breaks.  Ironically, most asphalt manufacturing facilities are seasonal and close down during a time when preventative maintenance is greatly needed.  This is what makes Lansing Asphalt, the newest division of Grand Rapids headquartered Superior Asphalt, Inc. located at 3888 S. Canal Rd. in Delta Township unique. Recognizing a true need for winter asphalt maintenance and repair services, the facility is structured to stay open and available 12 months out of the year.

 Traditionally, Municipality and Facility Directors have relied on a cold patch asphalt material to manage potholes with a “ throw and go” mentality.  This method is not always productive and is expensive as they are forced to make several trips to the same troubled spots.  Superior Asphalt and Lansing Asphalt have done extensive research into the products they have developed.  Owner and CEO, Jeff Kresnak states, “ It has taken our company over 15 years to perfect our own asphalt formula and machinery necessary to produce asphalt in the winter months.  Our Winter Hot Mix asphalt meets the same specifications and chemistry as all MDOT certified asphalt formulas” Traditional Cold patch material is necessary when pavement surfaces are extremely wet.  The material that Lansing Asphalt has designed is made with the highest-grade materials to ensure workability and stability.   With proper compaction, this specially formulated cold patch is extremely pliable and will push water from a pothole to form a more permanent bond.  Cold patch material can certainly alleviate pothole issues but it is not as strong as the traditional hot-mix asphalt. When conditions allow, Winter Hot Mix asphalt provides a more durable, sustainable solution to winter paving maintenance and repair. 

 Sustainable practices have always been in the forefront of the company’s mind.  Lansing Asphalt takes advantage of asphalts ability to be 100% recyclable. In fact, asphalt is the most recycled resource in America.  The facility collects and accepts clean tear outs and millings from contractors, municipalities and other businesses year round.  It also saves and stores all excess asphalt material that is not used during the peak-paving season.  These materials are reprocessed with the use of an asphalt recycler.  The recycler uses convection heat to reclaim asphalt from the millings.  Air in the drums of the recycler is heated evenly to 330 degrees and produces an asphalt material that is consistent, workable and durable.  This system is efficient and eliminates usable material from ending up in Michigan landfills and waterways.  The company is very proud to be a part of an industry committed to environmental sustainable practices.

 It’s all too easy to ignore winter asphalt maintenance, but patching potholes doesn’t take long and if done right, with proper material can save Michigan taxpayers and business owners a fortune in the long run. Leaving a hole in pavement allows water and ice to erode the blacktop and its foundation, making for a very expensive spring repair or even more costly replacement.  Ignoring a pothole in a parking lot can cost a business owner a fortune in lawsuits and loss of business from customers avoiding car damaging lots and roadways.  Superior Asphalt and its Lansing Asphalt Division are committed to providing Michigan municipalities and businesses with the best service and quality asphalt material that can be produced.  Greater Lansing Municipalities, Utility Companies and Business Owners now have a more sustainable, durable option when it comes to winter maintenance.  The company’s Winter Services include; premium hot mix asphalt and UPM cold patch material; drain repair, pothole repair, and utility cuts.

 The staff at Lansing Asphalt is always available for consultations and willing to go the extra mile to educate customers and members of the community regarding services and asphalt production. Contact us today:  517-322-0800 or via our website at

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