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Lansing Mayoral Candidate Andy Schor’s Vision for Lansing

Sunday, October 1, 2017  
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The Lansing Regional Chamber Political Action Committee (LRC-PAC) announced in May that it was endorsing State Representative Andy Schor as its choice for the next Mayor of Lansing.

“Like Lansing’s mayors before him, we are confident Representative Schor will successfully make the transition from the state legislature to the mayor’s office,” said Tim Daman, President and CEO of the Lansing Regional Chamber of Commerce (LRCC). “Andy’s combination of leadership, municipal experience, history of building regional partnerships, and commitment to our community will help foster a new era of collaboration that will move the city forward and strengthen our region.”

Schor is currently in his third term in the Michigan House of Representatives serving residents of the 68th House District, which includes most of the City of Lansing and all of Lansing Township. Prior to serving in the House, he served as an Ingham County Commissioner for 10 years. Schor is actively involved in community organizations that are dedicated to enriching and growing the Lansing area. He is a founding member of the Ingham County Land Bank and has served as a Board Member of the Tri-County Office of Aging and the South Lansing Community Development Association.

Schor will face Lansing City Councilmember Judi Brown Clarke in the November 7 General Election for the right to serve as mayor for the next four years. Schor recently sat with FOCUS and shared shared some of his vision for Lansing.

FOCUS: If elected, what is your first order of business as the new Mayor of Lansing?

REP. SCHOR: I have many things that we are going to do immediately. You can look at my platform online (, but we are going to work on creating stronger neighborhoods. We are going to focus on job growth and economic development, working with the business community, small business and entrepreneurs to ensure that we have the best possible environment to create jobs. We are going to work with our schools to figure out what the city can do to help promote the equality of our schools, and most importantly, we are going to work on the infrastructure. We are going to start working on implementing our roads plan and our sidewalks plan and work with our public safety officers to make sure that we have everything we need in regard to police and fire. We are also going to introduce metrics to make sure that we have the appropriate level of customer service.

FOCUS: What are your plans for working with the business community to advance your vision for Lansing?

REP. SCHOR: We have a diverse business community here in Lansing. I will work with the Chamber. I will also work with our commercial associations, Old Town, REO Town, Saginaw-Oakland as well as several other business districts. They will all have input into what we are going to be working on. I will be talking to developers to hear what their projects are. We will talk with business owners and entrepreneurs to talk about how we can make things happen faster and what they see as barriers right now in city government. We need to review our permitting process. We will work with small businesses, developers and large businesses to make sure that Lansing is open for business.

FOCUS: How can the business community, specifically the Lansing Regional Chamber of Commerce, assist accomplishing your vision as mayor?

REP. SCHOR: Providing feedback and communication. I count the Chamber as good partners in the effort to ensure that we can grow Lansing. I will meet with their leadership and their members often. I can’t promise we are always going to be 100 percent on the same page. Having a back and forth communication with the Chamber has been important to me during the campaign and will be important to me as mayor. I have worked closely with the Chamber on several bill packages I was leading in the House of Representatives such as the Good Jobs and MIThrive bills. They have been a good friend to me when I was with county government and the state house and that will continue in the mayor’s office. We will work together, just like I will with labor and the neighboring communities, county commissioners and other stakeholders that have an important impact here in Lansing.

FOCUS: What action steps will you take to encourage better working relationships with all of the local governments in the region?

REP. SCHOR: There are a few. There is the CAPCOG organization that the Chamber started that I would like to see Lansing be a part of going forward. I plan to meet regularly with our county commissioners, which was done previously. I plan to talk regularly with our neighboring communities, whether it is Lansing Township, East Lansing, Delhi Township or Dewitt Township. We are going to engage with the other local leaders for efficiencies and for coordination and make sure we are effective as a region.

FOCUS: How do you feel you can improve relations between the mayor and Lansing City Council?

REP. SCHOR: Coming from the legislature, I have good relationships with all of the city’s councilmembers. I don’t see this as a pro-mayor or anti-mayor group. There will be eight people that I believe I can work with, that I can share my vision with and seek their input. Often times we will move forward together for the good of the city and it won’t be controversial, so you won’t see it in the media. Sometimes we will disagree. We can do that respectfully and have a good conversation and discussion. When we disagree, we’ll do what is best for the city and move on to the next issue. I don’t see it as divisive as it has been in the recent past. I believe I can work with all of them. I look forward to working with council as leaders in our community.

FOCUS: Final Thoughts?

REP. SCHOR: I would like to create a business ombudsman. I hear a lot about where people dealing with the city can’t get answers or it is too slow. The ombudsman will cut through some of the red tape on the behalf of our job creators I am going to continue to work with LEAP as our economic development organization. I think we are going to continue to see this city grow. We have ideas on riverfront development, for grocery stores and retail. I’d like to see our corridors come more alive, whether it is Cedar, Pennsylvania, MLK, Waverly, Michigan Avenue or Saginaw and Oakland. I think we can do more work in our corridors and still do work downtown, Old Town and REO Town. We can walk and chew gum at the same time. We can boost the downtown and ensure that our corridors are improving and seeing growth in all these areas.

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