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WHAT: Great Lakes Christian College celebrates 70 years as a Christian institution of higher learning.  From its humble beginning of twelve students in a log cabin over a generation ago, GLCC has grown to more than 160 students dedicated to preparing themselves for a life of Christian service.  Through the years, the College has kept its family-like atmosphere while establishing a reputation for academic excellence.  This excellence is a result of a qualified faculty dedicated to mentoring students and teaching them the Bible.  GLCC is committed to providing “intellectual, spiritual, and personal growth” for all students who become a part of the GLCC family.

WHEN: Friday, October 18, 2019, 6:30 p.m.

WHERE: The Doty Center, 6211 W. Willow Highway, Lansing, MI

WHO: Delta Township and the Lansing area, GLCC Board of Trustees, President Lawrence L. Carter, alumni, students, faculty and staff.  

WHY: This is an opportunity for alumni and friends of GLCC to acknowledge the excellence of this institution of higher education over the years and to identify the influence of this college in the church community and world.

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