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2024 Legislative Agenda & Policy Guide

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Current Issues

Working for You

The Lansing Regional Chamber of Commerce takes positions on several proposals at the federal, state, and local levels of government that impact the business community and our economy. Guided by those policy priority focus areas, data, and member feedback, our decisions are guided by the Lansing Regional Chamber Policy Committee and Board of Directors. Check out the links below to see how the Lansing Regional Chamber is working for you.

Congress: In addition to our focus on local and state policy issues, we are committed to making sure your voice is heard in Washington by working with the Michigan Congressional Delegation.

State Legislature: Every legislative session, we take positions on bills that stand to impact the business community and our economy. We work closely with our state senators and state representatives in the Capitol Caucus to make sure we are all working collaboratively for our region.

Local Government: The Lansing Regional Chamber works closely with our local governments to ensure that we are the best place to do business in our state.



Welcome to our Media section, where we proudly highlight the media engagements of our advocacy and government affairs team. Explore interviews, OP-EDs, and more, showcasing our commitment to shaping public discourse and influencing policy. Stay informed on the latest media activities that drive positive change.

Chamber Policy Statements

The Chamber's Policy Statements are a set of official positions and recommendations that reflect the views of the Chamber of Commerce on various public policy issues. These statements were developed by the Chamber's Policy Committee, which is composed of experts and stakeholders from various industries and sectors.

Lansing Regional Chamber Policy Committee

The Lansing Regional Chamber Policy Committee exists to both guide and advance LRCC legislative priorities. The LRCC Policy Committee reviews issues pertaining to the current priorities and works to encourage members to engage in action.

2024 LRCC Policy Committee MembersĀ