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Current Issues

The Lansing Regional Chamber continually works to make Michigan the best place to do business, especially in the Greater Lansing region. Each year, we survey our members on public policy issues that matter most to them. As a result of the most recent survey, the Lansing Regional Chamber government affairs team will focus on these issues in 2022:

  • Economic development and job creation
  • Talent & Education (K-12, higher education, professional trades, etc.)
  • Infrastructure
  • Government regulations
  • Housing
  • Healthcare accessibility & affordability

We listen carefully to members and turn member input into action through relentless advocacy. Our goal is to improve Michigan’s economic competitiveness and our region. Our legislative priorities are intended to help focus policymakers’ attention on Michigan's economic challenges and offer pro-business solutions to these problems.

Working for You

The Lansing Regional Chamber of Commerce takes positions on several proposals at the federal, state, and local levels of government that impact the business community and our economy. Guided by those policy priority focus areas, data, and member feedback, our decisions are guided by the Lansing Regional Chamber Policy Committee and Board of Directors. Check out the links below to see how the Lansing Regional Chamber is working for you.

Congress: In addition to our focus on local and state policy issues, we are committed to making sure your voice is heard in Washington by working with the Michigan Congressional Delegation.

State Legislature: Every legislative session, we take positions on bills that stand to impact the business community and our economy. We work closely with our state senators and state representatives in the Capitol Caucus to make sure we are all working collaboratively for our region.

Local Government: The Lansing Regional Chamber works closely with our local governments to ensure that we are the best place to do business in our state.

Upcoming Ballot Questions

The Lansing Regional Chamber reviews and weighs in on ballot questions that affect our region’s employers and workforce. Please find the following ballot questions that are up for consideration in our region.

*Please note that staff will update this section of the Advocacy page if the Lansing Regional Chamber takes a stance on any ballot issues.

Lansing Regional Chamber Policy Committee

The Lansing Regional Chamber Policy Committee exists to both guide and advance LRCC legislative priorities. The LRCC Policy Committee reviews issues pertaining to the current priorities and works to encourage members to engage in action.


The Lansing Regional Chamber Policy Committee receives requests to review, discuss, and act on several legislative issues as well as joining coalitions to support policy initiatives. Below are the current campaigns that the LRCC supports:

  • HousingDrives
    • HousingDrives is a housing assessment of urban, rural, and suburban communities throughout our region. The project’s goal is to identify the diverse housing needs of current and future Greater Lansing residents, and then learn what the region can do to address those challenges and opportunities to ultimately create housing that is attainable for all walks of life. For more information, visit Tri-County | Regional Housing Assessment (
  • Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) Coalition
    • The Earned Income Tax Credit is a federal tax credit available to people who work but have low incomes. The credit helps workers’ pay for things like transportation costs or childcare and other daily necessities, and because the credit is refundable, money is put back into local economies. The EITC Coalition seeks to expand the tax credit.
    • Letter
  • Michiganders for Fair Lending (Statewide)
    • Michiganders for Fair Lending is a bipartisan coalition of organizations, leaders, and community members from all corners of the state, including faith leaders, veterans, community groups, civil rights advocates and more. These diverse interest groups are united in their quest to end predatory lending practices by reducing interest rates on payday loans.
    • Michiganders for Fair Lending Fact Sheet
    • Michiganders for Fair Lending FAQ
  • United to Safeguard America from Illegal Trade (USA-IT) 
    • The USA-IT is a public education initiative to combat black market trade. Supported by a coalition of national and state brand enforcement experts, law enforcement agencies, and leading business organizations, the campaign will provide local officials, law enforcement, and thought leaders with information and training programs to help tackle illegal trade and raise public awareness of the depth of the problem as well as the severe consequences inflicted on states and municipalities by black market profiteers.
    • For more information on Michigan, please visit