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About Us

Our Mission

We work relentlessly to help businesses connect, grow and thrive.

Our Vision

We are the Lansing region’s trusted and transformational business leader, ensuring sustained prosperity for businesses and enriching our diverse communities.

Our Values

  • Accountability
  • Excellence
  • Integrity
  • Leadership
  • Passion
  • Positivity
  • Purpose
  • Respect
  • Success
  • Trust

What We Do

We lead with integrity and respect. Our passion, purpose and positivity guides all that we do. We provide excellent experiences and the highest level of customer service.

Chamber Team

Connect. Grow. Thrive.

No mid-Michigan business stands alone when they are a member of the Lansing Regional Chamber of Commerce (LRCC). Since 1912, the LRCC has served as the Lansing region’s voice of the business community. We are catalysts for change, uniting business leaders to do collectively what cannot be done individually.

As the Lansing region continues to evolve, the LRCC will strengthen our efforts to ensure all businesses in our region connect, grow and thrive. Our goal is to establish a clear direction and vision for the future of the LRCC and our community. We have identified four key pillars that will serve as the core of our strategic efforts. These strategies provide the direction for your chamber of the future.

2021StrategicPlan goals