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The following statement can be attributed to Tim Daman, CEO at the Lansing Regional Chamber of Commerce.

Over the past decade, the Lansing region has diversified its economy — from government, education and manufacturing to health care, insurance and entrepreneurial ventures. This expansion has transformed the area into a hub for world-class talent, which has allowed for significant innovation, investment and job creation. 

With nearly $3 billion in current and planned developments anchored by investments in energy, health care and ag processing, our region is experiencing historic growth with indication of slowing down. Additionally, the more than $40 million in infrastructure investment in 2019 will provide a trajectory for continued strong growth throughout the region. 

A recent study by SmartAsset ranked Ingham County No. 7 among 83 counties in Michigan for the fastest gross domestic product growth over the past four years. In short, the recognition further showcases the work and efforts being done by all businesses in the Lansing region to lead the state in job development, economic growth and prosperity.