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The following statement can be attributed to Tim Daman, president and chief executive officer of the Lansing Regional Chamber of Commerce.

Lansing businesses and residents have made it clear that their priorities for Mayor Andy Schor are to invest in roads and infrastructure, continue to allow business growth and job creation, clean up the business corridors and neighborhoods and improve the city’s financial condition. 

We commend Mayor Schor and city council for taking positive steps in 2019 to address the city’s severe fiscal challenges pertaining to unfunded liabilities (i.e. retiree pension and health care obligations) by restoring the Lansing Financial Health Team and hiring a chief strategy officer.

With more than $740 million in unfunded liabilities, solving this challenge must remain a top priority in 2020. It’s going to take teamwork from all stakeholders – elected officials, business, labor, community leaders and taxpayers – to ensure the long-term financial health and sustainability of the city. Tab