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Capitol Connection Newsletter is Back! We are excited to relaunch the Lansing Regional Chamber of Commerce Capitol Connection Newsletter. The monthly e-newsletter will provide policy, legislative and political updates from the LRCC public affairs department.

I-496 Reconstruction Project Starting this April, the Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) will be reconstructing I-496 between I-96 and Lansing Road. The $60 million project will make improvements to the freeway, ramps, bridges and entrance/exit ramps at I-96, Creyts Road and Waverly Road interchanges. Since this project will impact travel throughout our region, MDOT officials provided presentations at the Chamber’s monthly roundtable meetings and will continue to provide construction updates to the Chamber. For more information on the project, please visit

CAPCOG 2020 Regional Priorities The Capital Council of Governments (CAPCOG) is a partnership between Clinton, Eaton and Ingham County Board of Commissioners, the LRCC and Michigan State University to advocate for regional infrastructure priorities at the state level. This month, CAPCOG provided its 2020 regional priorities list to the Capitol Caucus. The regional infrastructure priorities list is available.

$36 Million in Millage Requests $36M in millage requests are being asked for taxpayers to approve on the March 10 presidential primary election. Along with voting for your party’s candidate for the general election, don’t forget that there are several millages on the same ballot. Visit the Secretary of State’s website to view what is on your ballot:

  • Clinton County 
  • Countywide 9-1-1 Emergency Millage ($2.5 million) 
  • Eaton County 
  • Ingham Intermediate School District Special Education Millage ($2.3 million)
  • Ingham County 
  • Ingham County Potter Park Zoo and Potter Park Operational Millage ($3.8 million)  
  • Countywide System of Trails and Parks Millage ($3.8 million) 
  • Health Services Millage ($4.8 million) 
  • Ingham Intermediate School District Special Education Millage ($2.3 million)
  • CATA Millage ($19 million)

House Resolution 216 The LRCC is supporting House Resolution 216 that is sponsored by State Representative Sarah Anthony (D-Lansing). The resolution urges Major League Baseball (MLB) to continue its support of minor-league baseball teams. The MLB is currently considering eliminating its affiliation with 29 minor-league baseball teams and 13 minor-league teams. Minor-league baseball is a significant economic driver that brings people into the area as well as boosts local businesses. None of the minor-league teams in Michigan would be directly affected by the MLB’s plan, but it would open the door for future cuts.

Engage Local! Contribute to LRC-PAC The Lansing Regional Chamber-PAC (LRC-PAC) is the political arm of the LRCC. The LRC-PAC works to elect local officials to city councils, township boards, county commissions and the state legislature that align with Chamber members’ priorities.  As the region’s only political action committee focused on local offices, we know how important it is that your voice is represented at every level of government. To make that happen and continue our success, we need community investors like you to contribute to our efforts.  >> DONATE <<

**Note: All contributions are voluntary. No member dues are used for PAC purposes.

All questions can be directed to Steve Japinga, vice president of public affairs, LRCC at or (517) 853-6467.