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The Lansing Regional Chamber of Commerce Political Action Committee (LRC-PAC) has announced a bipartisan slate of election endorsements for county commission and township races August 4 primary election ballot.

“This is a critical time in our region, which makes the experience and ability to make thoughtful decisions about difficult issues particularly important,” said Tonia Olson, chair, LRC-PAC Board of Directors. “The fallout from the COVID-19 pandemic will be severe on local governments. We believe the candidates we have endorsed are ready to take these jobs on and work toward ensuring local budgets are fiscally sound while continuing to provide core services to residents.”

“These candidates have demonstrated they support small businesses,” said Steve Japinga, vice president of public affairs, Lansing Regional Chamber of Commerce. “We expect that, when elected, our endorsed candidates will seek bold, innovative solutions and not just keep asking for more millages. We anticipate they will collaborate effectively with other local units of government to streamline the delivery of services.”

The bipartisan list LRC-PAC endorsed candidates includes:

Clinton County Board of Commissioners:
1st District: Kam Washburn (R)
2nd District: David Pohl (R)
3rd District: Bruce DeLong (R)
4th District: Ken Mitchell (R)
5th District: Bob Showers (R)
6th District: Dwight Washington (D)
7th District: Adam Stacey (R)

Eaton County Board of Commissioners:
1st District: Rob Piercefield (D)
3rd District: Terrance Augustine (D)
13th District: Jim Mott (R)

Ingham County Board of Commissioners:
1st District: Vic Celentino (D)
3rd District: Derrell Slaughter (D)
4th District: Bryan Crenshaw (D)
9th District: Erin Graham (D)
10th District: Thomas Morgan (D)
12th District: Mark Polsdofer (D)
13th District: Randy Schafer (R)

Delhi Township:
Supervisor: John Hayhoe (R)
Trustee: Patrick Brown (D)
Trustee: Stuart Goodrich (R)

Delta Township:
Supervisor: Ken Fletcher (D)
Clerk: Mary Clark (D)
Treasurer: Dennis Fedewa (D)
Trustee: Fonda Brewer (D)
Trustee: Andrea Cascarilla (D)
Trustee: Karen Mojica (D)

Meridian Township:
Supervisor: Ron Styka (D)
Clerk: Deborah Guthrie (D)
Treasurer: Phil Deschaine (D)
Trustee: Patricia Herring Jackson (D)
Trustee: Dan Opsommer (D)
Trustee: Courtney Wisinski (D)

Candidate interviews are still taking place with additional endorsements possible for these races. The LRC-PAC will also be making endorsements for the Michigan State House of Representatives, county-wide offices, and Lansing Community College Board of Trustees in the next round of announcements.