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  • Summer Property Tax Updates
  • Social Districts
  • Criminal Justice Reform Legislation
  • All Politics is Local
Summer Property Tax Updates
Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we know that several businesses have had to shut down and are not earning revenue. Additionally, businesses have continued to tell us the most important issue of re-opening besides proper health protocols is cash flow. Last week, the State Legislature passed a series of legislation pertaining to property taxes that are aimed at assisting businesses during this difficult time.

House Bill 5761
House Bill 5810

These bills provide for a penalty and interest-free extension of the summer 2020 property tax levy. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there have been several businesses not earning revenue, and paying the summer property taxes may be challenging.

Senate Bill 935
Senate Bill 936
Senate Bill 937

These bills allow businesses to pay July and August sales, use and withholding taxes over an extended period. While accelerated filers have been excluded from similar relief provided by the Department of Treasury in the past, this legislation has included them.

The bills are on the way to the Governor, who will hopefully sign both packages to give businesses much-needed relief.

Cheers to Social Districts!
The State Legislature has approved the social district bills that will now head to Governor for signing. The bills are designed to allow local governments to approve ‘social districts,’ where restaurants and bars, who follow certain licensing rules and safety protocols would expand their establishment into closed city streets. This will allow for social distancing that will increase business. Additionally, legislation would allow liquor to be purchased to-go.

House Bill 5781 (Social Districts)
House Bill 5811 (Liquor To-Go)

We understand the challenges facing the restaurant and bar industry, so it was important for the LRCC to support these bills with our regional chambers of commerce across the state.

Criminal Justice Reform Legislation Moving
Bipartisan criminal justice reform efforts, also known as ‘clean slate’ package, is getting closer to being approved by the State Legislature. Last week, the legislation passed the State Senate Judiciary and Public Safety Committee.
These bills have the opportunity to open up the expungement process to many Michigan residents who struggle to find a job because of their past criminal records and open up eligibility for several low-level offenses such as traffic offenses that are ineligible under the current expungement law.
The package would remove qualified non-violent offenses from criminal records. View an extensive list of offenses included.
·       House Bill 4980
·       House Bill 4981
·       House Bill 4982
·       House Bill 4983
·       House Bill 4984
·       House Bill 4985

All Politics is Local
If you are not familiar with the Lansing Regional Chamber-Political Action Committee (LRC-PAC), it’s the political arm of the Chamber focused on electing local candidates to county commissions, the township board of trustees and city councils.

As the saying goes, “all politics is local” because local units of government impact business daily from permitting, zoning, and taxing to regulations. This year, we will continue to focus on electing candidates to local offices such as the County Commission and Township Board of Trustees, but we can only do that with your help.

Chip in $25
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Your contribution will help the LRC-PAC’s mission of electing candidates who will work with the business community to ensure that businesses can operate, expand, and thrive throughout our region.  

To review our 2020 primary election LRC-PAC endorsed candidates, click here

**Note: All contributions are voluntary. No member dues are used for PAC purposes.