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The following can be attributed to Tim Daman, president and chief executive officer, Lansing Regional Chamber of Commerce:

While we are disappointed to learn of the resignation of Shelbi Frayer, Chief Strategy Officer with the City of Lansing, we appreciate her dynamic leadership in working closely with Mayor Schor, City Council and the business community in effectively moving the city forward in dealing with its financial challenges.

We were strong advocates for the creation of this position within the city and would encourage the Mayor and City Council to move quickly in filling this critical position to maintain a sense of urgency in addressing the growing unfunded liabilities and other financial challenges.

We believe the city must continue an aggressive strategy in addressing the more than $700 million in unfunded retiree healthcare and pension liabilities. There have been multiple solutions identified and it is time to begin implementing necessary cost savings measures. Business leaders have growing concerns with the unfunded liabilities, declining tax revenue and an uncertain economic future. Freeing up dollars within the budget to reinvest in the city’s infrastructure, neighborhoods, and other core services will be important in making Lansing an attractive place to live and do business. Our region’s economic future is closely aligned to the financial strength of the City of Lansing and urban core.