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  • LRC – PAC Endorsed Candidates Score Big in General Election
  • Consumer Spending Up in Michigan

Onto the General
Candidates endorsed by the Lansing Regional Chamber-Political Action Committee (LRC-PAC) scored big wins during the Aug. 4 primary election. 96 percent of LRC-PAC endorsed candidates have successfully advanced to the November general election.

The LRC-PAC Board of Directors is currently reviewing and interviewing candidates for the State House of Representatives. Look for those general election endorsements soon!

The LRC-PAC is the political arm of the Chamber and works to elect candidates to office. All contributions are voluntary. No member dues are used for PAC purposes.

View primary endorsements here.

Consumer Spending Up in Michigan
The Consensus Revenue Estimating Conference (or known as CREC) forecasts the statewide economic and revenues for the state of Michigan. These meetings occur in January and May by the Senate Fiscal Agency, the House Fiscal Agency, and the Department of Treasury.
The Conference reported that Michigan consumer spending at the end of July 2020 was over 5% higher than spending in January 2020. The major areas of growth have been in light vehicle sales and home improvement sectors.

The Conference also revised the state’s potential hit to the budget, which was projected to be as much as $3 billion. It is now likely less than $1 billion. Much of this is due to the federal legislative relief packages. Although better news than expected, with the lockdowns that have occurred because of the pandemic, there will be major cuts that will occur during the budget process.

Read the summary and full report here.