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The Lansing Regional Chamber of Commerce Political Action Committee (LRC-PAC) has announced a bipartisan slate of election endorsements for the Nov. 3 general election ballot. The LRC-PAC is the non-partisan political action committee of the Lansing Regional Chamber of Commerce, representing over 1,100 businesses in the tri-county region. The objective of LRC-PAC is to endorse candidates committed to the principles of free enterprise, economic growth, and a pro-business philosophy.

“The November election is one of the most critical elections in recent years,” said Tonia Olson, chair, LRC-PAC Board of Directors. “Many segments of our economy are struggling. Governmental leaders are faced with new challenges on top of systems that were already in a financially vulnerable position. Our elected representatives need to make tough, fiscally sound decisions to bring financial health to the Greater Lansing region through efficient and effective delivery of core government services. Based on our evaluation, you can expect our endorsed candidates to represent your interests.”

The LRC-PAC’s endorsement process includes a review of a candidate’s past performance, a written questionnaire, and, in some cases, an in-person interview. Only after this process is completed and a vote of the LRC-PAC Board of Directors is taken can a candidate be endorsed and be considered for financial support.

“We are particularly pleased with the bipartisan nature of the candidates we have endorsed in November,” said Steve Japinga, vice president of public affairs, Lansing Regional Chamber of Commerce. “The tough decisions that will have to be made requires elected officials who are willing to forget partisan labels and reach across the aisle with a spirit of collaboration to seek bold, innovative solutions to the fiscal challenges faced by the government at all levels.”

The bipartisan list LRC-PAC endorsed candidates includes:

John Moolenaar (MI-04)
Elissa Slotkin (MI-08)
Tim Walberg (MI-07)

State House of Representatives:
65th District: Sarah Lightner (R)
67th District: Kara Hope (D)
68th District: Sarah Anthony (D)
69th District: Julie Brixie (D)
71st District: Angela Witwer (D)
85th District: Ben Frederick (R)
93rd District: Graham Filler (R)

Clinton County Board of Commissioners:
1st District: Kam Washburn (R)
2nd District: David Pohl (R)
3rd District: Bruce DeLong (R)
4th District: Ken Mitchell (R)
5th District: Bob Showers (R)
6th District: Dwight Washington (D)
7th District: Adam Stacey (R)

Eaton County Board of Commissioners:
1st District: Rob Piercefield (D)
3RD District: Terrance Augustine (D)
13th District: Jim Mott (R)

Ingham County Board of Commissioners:
1st District: Vic Celentino (D)
3rd District: Derrell Slaughter (D)
4th District: Bryan Crenshaw (D)
9th District: Erin Graham (D)
12th District: Mark Polsdofer (D)
13th District: Randy Schafer (R)

Delhi Township:
Supervisor: John Hayhoe (R)
Trustee: Patrick Brown (D)
Trustee: Stuart Goodrich (R)

Delta Township:
Supervisor: Ken Fletcher (D)
Clerk: Mary Clark (D)
Treasurer: Dennis Fedewa (D)
Trustee: Fonda Brewer (D)
Trustee: Andrea Cascarilla (D)

Meridian Township:
Supervisor: Ron Styka (D)
Clerk: Deborah Guthrie (D)
Treasurer: Phil Deschaine (D)
Trustee: Patricia Herring Jackson (D)
Trustee: Dan Opsommer (D)
Trustee: Courtney Wisinski (D)