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The letter below was sent by Tim Daman, president and CEO, Lansing Regional Chamber of Commerce (LRCC), to Members of the Michigan Congressional Delegation.

To Members of the Michigan Congressional Delegation:

As the voice of business in the Greater Lansing region, we are writing to you regarding the need for immediate Congressional action for a second economic stimulus package to support job providers struggling to survive the COVID-19 pandemic.

During the first COVID-related shutdown, thousands of businesses in our region were able to survive the crisis thanks to the Paycheck Protection Program and other available funding mechanisms. We thank you for your efforts in making those programs a reality.

In Michigan, we are in the midst of what is essentially a second, three-week shutdown for many businesses. This is creating a massive hardship that threatens the future of businesses throughout Michigan.

It is critically important that Congress immediately come together in a bipartisan fashion to pass a second stimulus package for economically distressed businesses. We would also hope that as part of your deliberations, Congress would reauthorize the $130 billion in unallocated Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) funding left over from the original CARES package. In addition, we would ask that the package include all non-profits access to the PPP.

We urge you to reach across the aisle and collaboratively work with your colleagues to create a package that will support the small business community representing the majority of jobs in our state. The distressed industries are minority-owned businesses and those in the restaurant, hospitality, and entertainment-related sectors. We hear from business owners who are experiencing dramatic declines in revenue across our region and state and are concerned about their long-term ability to survive. This is particularly critical for industries that depend on a strong holiday selling season as the foundation of their annual business.

The latest shutdown has created an urgent situation that threatens the economic vitality of our state. Now is the time to deliver immediate relief to our struggling business community in Michigan. We stand ready to work with you in any way needed to ensure that our state and region continue to thrive and enjoy a prosperous future.


Tim Daman
President & CEO
Lansing Regional Chamber of Commerce