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Employer Toolkit and Trusted Voices Video Series to Encourage Vaccinations to Reopen Regional Economy Safely

The RELAUNCH Greater Lansing: Economic Rehabilitation Task Force has launched a comprehensive communications campaign designed to help employers communicate with employees and encourage them to receive a COVID vaccine to move the region’s economy closer to reopening safely. The campaign consists of a toolkit and video series that aims to provide trustworthy, science and medicine-based data to disseminate in multiple industry sectors.

The campaign will feature weekly videos produced over the next few months with trusted voices leaders in business, government, education, and healthcare. The interviews will seek to answer frequently asked questions about Covid vaccinations and dispel myths.

“While it is a testament to the public-private partners that have produced vaccines to end this pandemic in such a short period, the process has left some people with questions about the vaccines,” said Tim Daman, president & CEO, Lansing Regional Chamber of Commerce and RELAUNCH Task Force member. “The Trusted Voices video series will seek to help employers fill the information void with timely, reliable, science-based information that should provide comfort to employees considering whether to get a vaccine.”

RELAUNCH Greater Lansing has also produced an employer vaccine guidebook that can serve as a road map for how employers can manage the process of communicating with employees and protecting their team members and stakeholders’ safety and health. This helpful toolkit and online publication include a business preparedness checklist, FAQ’s, vaccination preparation plan, sample employee survey, and more.

The RELAUNCH Greater Lansing: Economic Rehabilitation Task Force consists of prominent and trusted leaders in business, government, healthcare, and education dedicated to creating a successful regional relaunch strategy for Greater Lansing. Throughout the pandemic, the RELAUNCH Task Force has developed several tools to help organizations stay current with the latest information COVID-19 and changing regulatory requirements. More information can be found at the organization’s website: RELAUNCH Greater Lansing – Comprehensive Strategy to Reopen Business.