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Survey Shows Voters Are Mixed on Direction of City

A recent poll of 300 likely voters in the City of East Lansing shows that addressing business/corridors and neighborhoods has emerged as the No. 1 issue in voters’ minds.  The poll was conducted between Aug. 10-12 by Greenlee Consulting Services on behalf of the Lansing Regional Chamber Political Action Committee (LRC-PAC).

When asked what they considered the most important issue for local government to address, 26.2 percent of respondents identified business corridors/neighborhoods as their top concern, followed by jobs and the economy at 23.1 percent and Covid-19 recovery efforts at 18.9 percent.

“East Lansing has placed a major emphasis on developing its downtown business district, which has paid significant dividends in recent years, so the emphasis among voters to make continued progress is not surprising,” said Kevin Shaw, board chair, LRC-PAC. “It is important for the next East Lansing City Council to advocate policies that allow strong business corridors to flourish, create more investment and jobs growth in the community.”

The LRC-PAC poll also showed that 40 percent of voters feel the City of East Lansing is on the right track, while 37.7 percent say the city is on the wrong track.

“We will be supporting the candidates we believe can set the right direction for the City and that most closely align with policies that support the clearly stated preferences of East Lansing voters, most notably focusing on business corridors, jobs, and the economy,” said Steve Japinga, vice president, public affairs, Lansing Regional Chamber of Commerce.