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Survey Shows Voters Are Mixed on Direction of City

A recent poll of 300 likely voters in the City of Lansing shows that public safety has emerged as the number one issue in voters’ minds.  The poll was conducted between Aug. 10-12 by Greenlee Consulting Services on behalf of the Lansing Regional Chamber Political Action Committee (LRC-PAC).

When asked what they considered the most important issue for local government to address, 30.5 percent of respondents identified public safety as their top concern, followed by jobs and the economy at 26.1 percent and roads at 20.9 percent.

“There have always been debates on the priorities of our local governments – the one position that the vast majority agree upon is public safety,” said Kevin Shaw, board chair, LRC-PAC. “Public safety always has been a top issue, but this is the first time we have seen it as clearly the number one issue rising above jobs, economy, roads, and infrastructure.”

The LRC-PAC poll also showed that 37.7 percent of voters feel the City of Lansing is on the wrong track, while 34.7 percent say the city is on the right track.

“We will be supporting the candidates we believe can set the right direction for the City and that most closely align with policies that support the clearly stated preferences of Lansing voters, most notably focusing on public safety, jobs and the economy, and roads,” said Steve Japinga, vice president, public affairs, Lansing Regional Chamber of Commerce. “There is a long way to go until election day, and the increased emphasis on public safety is one significant indicator that shifting priorities among voters will play a large part in the outcome.”