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The Lansing Regional Chamber of Commerce Political Action Committee (LRC-PAC) has announced its endorsements for the Nov. 2 general election ballot. The LRC- PAC is the political action committee of the Lansing Regional Chamber of Commerce, representing over 1,100 businesses in the tri-county region. The objective of the LRC-PAC is to elect or re-elect pro-business candidates to local, state, and federal offices.

“The November election will play a large part in shaping the future direction of the cities of Lansing and East Lansing,” said Kevin Shaw, chair, LRC-PAC Board of Directors. “We have endorsed a strong group of candidates who have demonstrated they share our vision for building a stronger region and support policies that will create more jobs and investment in our region.”

The LRC-PAC recently commissioned Greenlee Consulting Services to survey 300 likely voters in Lansing and East Lansing. Voters in Lansing identified public safety as their No. 1 concern, followed by jobs and the economy and roads. The poll also showed that 37.7 percent of voters feel the City of Lansing is on the wrong track, while 34.7 percent say the city is on the right track. In East Lansing, voters identified business corridors/neighborhoods as their No. 1 concern, followed by jobs and the economy and Covid-19 recovery. Forty percent of voters feel the City of East Lansing is on the right track, while 37.7 percent say it is on the wrong track.

The LRC-PAC’s endorsement process includes a review of a candidate’s past performance, a written questionnaire, and, in some cases, an in-person interview. Only after this process is completed and a vote of the LRC-PAC Board of Directors is taken can a candidate be endorsed and be considered for financial support.

The bipartisan list of LRC-PAC endorsed candidates includes:


▪ Andy Schor

▪ Peter Spadafore
▪ Jeffrey Brown

Council Member Ward 2
▪ Jeremy Garza

Council Member Ward 4
▪ Elvin Caldwell

East Lansing

Four-year term City Council seats
▪ Chuck Grigsby
▪ Dan Bollman

Two-year term City Council seat
▪ Ron Bacon

“The Lansing Regional Chamber of Commerce is pleased to see a broad, diverse slate of candidates who are representing our business community and residents,” said Steve Japinga, vice president of public affairs, Lansing Regional Chamber of Commerce. “The tough decisions that will have to be made requires elected officials who are willing to work with a spirit of collaboration to seek bold, innovative solutions to the challenges faced by the government.”