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The Lansing Regional Chamber of Commerce (LRCC) applauds and congratulates Governor Gretchen Whitmer and state lawmakers for passage of legislation that will result in Michigan investing more than $4.7 billion to improve infrastructure, including drinking water upgrades, internet access and fixing roads, bridges and dams. About $4 billion comes from federal funds, including COVID-19 recovery funds and the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act.

“The infrastructure legislation is going to result in transformational investments throughout the Greater Lansing region and the state of Michigan,” said Tim Daman, president & CEO, LRCC. “The infrastructure funding will impact many of the Chamber’s highest policy priorities in the areas of economic development, job creation, infrastructure and housing. Governor Whitmer and all of our lawmakers in the Capitol Caucus are to be commended for their bipartisan cooperation in making this legislation a reality.”

Among local projects that will receive funding is Capital Region Airport Authority which will receive $2 million to upgrade utility and roadway infrastructure to accommodate anticipated growth associated with ongoing development projects. Transportation statewide is getting a $645 million investment to improve bridges, roads and public transportation among other things. LRCC will be working with its regional partners to fully assess the total impact the infrastructure legislation will have in the Greater Lansing region.