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LRC’s Tim Daman: “We are poised to leverage our combined strength to create a favorable environment for businesses to thrive.”

LANSING, Mich. – Great Lakes Growth continues to grow. The statewide coalition of more than 100 leading pro-growth economic organizations, job creators and individuals announced today that the Lansing Regional Chamber of Commerce has joined the coalition as a Founding Member.

Legislative activity has been limited so far this year due to the 54-54 tie in the House of Representatives, but Great Lakes Growth is continuing its efforts to stop anti-growth policies proposed in 2023. By working together under the GLG banner, employers and pro-growth organizations are providing a clear, unified voice for job providers and workers in the effort to make Michigan a flourishing state with a growing economy and population.

“This partnership underscores the significance of unity among employers and job creators in shaping Michigan’s economic trajectory,” said Lansing Regional Chamber President & CEO Tim Daman. “Together with the Great Lakes Growth Coalition, we are poised to leverage our combined strength, advocating for policies that foster innovation, attract investment, and create a favorable environment for businesses to thrive.”


The addition of the Lansing Regional Chamber brings the GLG Founders leadership team to a total of seven members, including the Michigan Chamber of Commerce, Detroit Regional Chamber, Grand Rapids Chamber, Michigan Manufacturers Association, West Michigan Policy Forum and Michigan Bankers Association.  

Praise for the Great Lakes Growth mission

Praise for the unique efforts of GLG is rolling in.

Crain’s Detroit & Grand Rapids Business says, “The new “Great Lakes Growth” consortium can’t help but raise the voice of the business community in Lansing and make the case to Democrats that these issues matter for the future of our economy. It also bridges age-old divides in Michigan, especially bridging political gaps that have separated metro Detroit and West Michigan. Business is business, whether it’s in Grand Rapids or Detroit, Kalamazoo or Ann Arbor. While each region has its self-identity and distinctions, many of the worries are the same.”

Our Focus Areas

GLG has identified three economic proposals that are so dangerous to Michigan’s economic growth potential that formal coalitions have been formed to stop them:

United Against Workplace Mandates Coalition
Michigan employers compete worldwide for talent and strive to provide leading edge, competitive benefits. The so-called family and medical paid leave program amounts to a new $1 to $1.5 billion-plus annual payroll tax on every worker and business. This policy would create a massive new state bureaucracy, putting the government in charge of paid-time off (PTO claims) and hurting those it claims to help, especially small businesses and Michiganders living paycheck-to-paycheck. Learn more

Coalition for Career Freedom
Michigan residents are hard-working and determined. Workers should have the freedom provided by our evolving, modern gig economy to shape the careers and income that best helps them pursue their dreams. But the ability of workers to choose independent contractor work is threatened by pending legislation. Learn more

MI Employment Certainty Coalition

Employees and employers alike are looking for certainty. Yet pending legislation would create more uncertainty by unleashing Michigan’s 1,800 local units of government to enact their own laws governing workplaces across Michigan. Creating a complex web of regulations governing private employers’ relations with their employees will create confusion and a bureaucratic, red-tape nightmare for job providers — and employees. Learn more

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