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In this Issue

  • Rebuild Lansing
  • Prepare for the Arrival of Orange Barrels
  • LRCC Joins Great Lakes Growth Coalition
  • Grant Secured to Redevelopment Old Fisher Body Property
  • First Friday Public Affairs Call Update
  • Chamber Townhalls

Local Updates

Rebuild Lansing

Lansing, as our capital city, serves as the core of our region. It’s a vibrant hub with immense potential, and now, more than ever, our city officials have a unique opportunity to strategically invest in its long-term strength. Working collaboratively, business and labor joined forces with state officials to secure critical state dollars that would help to support transformational municipal infrastructure and housing projects that will rebuild and position Lansing for future growth. The time has come to put this plan into action.

The Lansing Regional Chamber has been advocating to Mayor Schor and Lansing City Council to support the Rebuild Lansing Agenda. The first part of this process is for Lansing City Council to accept the state dollars that have been appropriated to the city of Lansing.

Here’s where we are so far: Lansing City Council has accepted state dollars to restore the Moores Park Pool ($6.2M) and the direct city allocation for downtown Lansing ($1M). Still on the table are two critically important state-dollar appropriation line items that would fund a transformational municipal infrastructure project ($40M) and a transformational affordable housing project ($40M) both in downtown Lansing.

We need the Lansing City Council to accept these dollars so these projects can continue to move forward. We encourage you to visit Rebuild Lansing’s website and fill out the short form available on the left side of the page. This will connect you directly with city officials and communicate your expectations for their support in implementing the Rebuild Lansing plan. 

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Prepare for the Arrival of Orange Barrels

Beginning in early March, the reconstruction of U.S-127/I-496 between I-96 and I-496 will commence, aiming to enhance safety and improve roadways and traffic flow. Earlier in January, Choose Lansing and the Lansing Regional Chamber of Commerce held a webinar with the Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) on the major road construction project. Below is a recording of the webinar.

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State Updates

LRCC Joins Great Lakes Growth Coalition

The Lansing Regional Chamber of Commerce officially joined the Great Lakes Growth Coalition. The coalition is providing a unified voice for Michigan’s job providers and workers, ensuring that our residents live in a flourishing state with a growing economy and population.

The three areas of focus of the coalition include:

  • Opposing workplace mandates on small businesses.
  • Protecting your choice on how & when to work.
  • Protecting small businesses from a web of local regulations to create employment certainty.

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Grant Secured to Redevelopment Old Fisher Body Property

The Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC) announced the approval of $87.5 million in grant funding for 18 projects across the state of Michigan through the Strategic Site Readiness Program to support the state’s efforts to compete for and win transformative projects.

Region 7 Projects:

  • Lansing RACER Trust Plant 6 Site, City of Lansing (brownfield site): $18,975,000
  • Delhi College Road Site, Lansing Economic Area Partnership (brownfield site): $6,500,000

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Federal Updates

Closing the Workforce Gap Act

The Lansing Regional Chamber joined several business groups from across the state in support of the introduction of bipartisan legislation by U.S. Rep. Elissa Slotkin (MI-07) and U.S. Rep. Jack Bergman (MI-01) aimed at reforming the U.S. immigration system to better align with the needs of Michigan’s economy. Named the Closing the Workforce Gap Act, this initiative focuses on adjusting the H-2B visa program to specifically cater to the requirements of Michigan businesses reliant on seasonal workers. 

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Be in the Room Where it Happens

First Friday Public Affairs Call Update

Join us for our upcoming First Friday Public Affairs Call Update on Friday, March 1 from 11 to 11:30 a.m. Brought to you by ITC HoldingsFrom national down to regional updates, these monthly calls are designed to keep our members informed and engaged. Registration is available below.


Chamber Townhalls

This unique series aims to facilitate meaningful interactions between our business community and elected officials, creating a platform for discussions and insights. With elected officials and political candidates crossing the state, converging at the capital city, we recognize the need for a space where our business community can meet, discuss, and engage with these individuals.

Please find below our first scheduled Chamber Townhalls roundtables – several more roundtables are being scheduled currently as well. Please refer to the invitation for further details and consider this your personal invitation to participate. Given the intimate nature of our venue, we urge you to RSVP promptly to secure your spot, as space is limited.

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