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Lansing, MI – March 10, 2024 – Advance Greater Lansing, a leading advocacy organization focused on the growth and development of Lansing, today released the results of a recent poll showcasing strong backing from Lansing voters for the approval of transformational projects in downtown Lansing by the City Council. The poll, conducted from March 4 – 8, 2024, highlights the sentiments of the community towards crucial initiatives aimed at revitalizing the heart of the city.

According to the poll findings, close to 70 percent of Lansing voters surveyed expressed their support for the Lansing City Council’s acceptance of state funding earmarked for downtown transformation projects. This resounding endorsement underscores the community’s eagerness to embrace positive change and drive Lansing towards a prosperous future.

Furthermore, the survey delved into specific projects under consideration by the Lansing City Council:

Project Breakdown:

  1. New City Hall
    a. Support: 58.8%
    b. Oppose: 21.1%
    c. Unsure: 20.1%
  2. New Attainable Housing Projects
    a. Support: 73.6%
    b. Oppose: 12.3%
    c. Unsure: 14.1%

These statistics reflect a strong mandate from the community for the approval of initiatives aimed at enhancing the downtown landscape and improving accessibility to essential services and housing. In addition to the specific projects, the poll also gauged the overall sentiment regarding the direction of the city:

  1. City Direction:
    a. Right Track: 36.6%
    b. Wrong Track:32.0%
    c. No Opinion: 31.4%

While there is a noticeable division of opinion regarding the city’s trajectory, the robust support for transformational projects signals a shared vision for progress and prosperity among Lansing residents.

Commenting on the poll results, Tim Daman, president & CEO of the Lansing Regional Chamber of Commerce stated, “These findings affirm the community’s desire for positive change and signify a pivotal moment for Lansing’s growth. The overwhelming support for downtown transformation projects underscores the collective belief in the city’s potential and the importance of strategic investments in its future.”

As Lansing stands at a crossroads, the approval of these projects by the City Council presents a transformative opportunity to propel the city forward and position it for sustained growth and success. It’s time to rebuild Lansing, and with the backing of the community, we are poised to embark on a journey towards a vibrant and thriving future.

About Advance Greater Lansing: Advance Greater Lansing is a non-profit organization (501 c4) whose mission is to advance the growth of the Greater Lansing region by fostering collaboration, innovation and sustainable development while creating a vibrant and inclusive community that attracts business, talent and enhances the quality of life for all residents.

About the Lansing Regional Chamber of Commerce:

The Lansing Regional Chamber of Commerce works relentlessly to help businesses connect, grow, and thrive. No mid-Michigan business stands alone when they are a member of the Chamber. For 123 years, the Lansing Chamber has served as the voice of the Greater Lansing business community. More information about LRCC and its programs and services can be found online at, Facebook, Instagram (@lansingregionalchamber), Twitter (@lansingchamber) and LinkedIn.


Disclaimer: The poll was commissioned by Advance Greater Lansing and conducted independently. The results are based on responses from a representative sample of Lansing voters and have a margin of error of +/- 6.6%.