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Lansing, MI – As the May 7th elections for the Lansing Charter Commission approach, the city’s organized labor and business communities stand united behind a slate of candidates dedicated to ensuring a fair and prosperous future for Lansing. With the task of reviewing and potentially amending the city’s Charter, often referred to as the city’s Constitution, the importance of selecting the right candidates cannot be overstated.

Representing a diverse range of backgrounds and experiences, the endorsed slate of candidates has been carefully chosen to prioritize the interests of all Lansing residents. Spearheaded by the collaborative efforts of labor unions and business associations, these endorsements aim to promote candidates who will champion the rights of workers, foster economic growth, and advocate for a government that works for everyone.

The endorsed slate of candidates includes:

  • Stephen Purchase, staff, Michigan Regional Council of Carpenters & Millwrights
  • Ben Dowd, Associate Director, Community Economic Development Association of Michigan, Chair of Lansing Pride
  • Joan Bauer, former member of the Lansing City Council and state representative
  • Muhammad Qawwee, President of UAW Local 4911
  • Elizabeth Driscoll Boyd, former Communications Director for Governor Jennifer Granholm
  • Brian Jeffries, former member of the Lansing City Council and Ingham County Commission
  • Miranda Swartz, member of IBEW Local 665
  • Keith Williams, former executive director, Michigan State University Alumni Office
  • Guillermo Lopez, Board of Education Trustee for the Lansing School District

On the reverse side of this press release, you will find the logos representing the labor unions and the Lansing Regional Chamber of Commerce who have joined forces in endorsing these candidates:

  • Capital City Labor Program (Lansing Police Officers Union)
  • IAFF Local 421 (Lansing Firefighters)
  • Plumbers & Pipefitters Local 333
  • IBEW Local 665
  • IBEW Local 352
  • UAW Local 2256
  • Lansing Regional Chamber of Commerce
  • Michigan Regional Council of Carpenters & MillwrightsMichigan
  • Building Trades Council
  • Michigan Laborers Local 499
  • Painters¬†IUPAT DC1M
  • Operating Engineers Local 324

Together, these endorsements reflect a commitment to building a Charter Commission that will serve as a voice for all Lansing residents, protecting their rights and fostering an environment conducive to economic growth and prosperity.