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LANSING, MI — May 8, 2024— As the May 7th elections for the Lansing Charter Commission conclude, the city’s organized labor and business communities are excited to announce resounding victories for their endorsed slate of candidates. Of the nine candidates endorsed, six were successful on election night.

“The people have spoken loud and clear in the Lansing City Charter Commission campaign,” said Steve Japinga, Senior Vice President at the Lansing Regional Chamber of Commerce, “This is a very strong group of diverse individuals that will be serving in this capacity. We appreciate that Lansing voters agreed that these forward-thinking candidates that we endorsed have the leadership qualities they believe we serve the city best on this City Charter Commission.”

The six endorsed candidates who won are the following:
• Joan Bauer, former member of the Lansing City Council and state representative
• Elizabeth Driscoll Boyd, former Communications Director for Governor Jennifer Granholm
• Ben Dowd, Associate Director, Community Economic Development Association of Michigan, Chair of Lansing Pride
• Brian Jeffries, former member of the Lansing City Council and Ingham County Commission
• Guillermo Lopez, Board of Education Trustee for the Lansing School District
• Muhammad Qawwee, President of UAW Local 4911

As the dust settles on the election, attention now turns to the next phase of the process. The newly elected Charter Commission members are poised to embark on the crucial task of reviewing and potentially amending Lansing’s city charter. With diverse perspectives and a mandate from the electorate, they are primed to undertake this responsibility with diligence and integrity.

“We look forward to the forthcoming work of the Charter Commission as they delve into the intricacies of our city’s charter,” added Japinga. “Their dedication to serving the interests of Lansing residents will undoubtedly guide their deliberations as they shape the future trajectory of our city.”

These were the following business and labor organizations who endorsed the slate of candidates:

  • Capital City Labor Program (Lansing Police Officers Union)
  • IAFF Local 421 (Lansing Firefighters)
  • Plumbers & Pipefitters Local 333
  • IBEW Local 665
  • IBEW Local 352
  • UAW Local 2256
  • Lansing Regional Chamber of Commerce
  • Michigan Regional Council of Carpenters & Millwrights
  • Michigan Building Trades Council
  • Michigan Laborers Local 499
  • Painters IUPAT DC1M
  • Operating Engineers Local 324

Learn more about the LRC-PAC here:


LRC-PAC is the political action committee of the Lansing Regional Chamber of Commerce, representing over 1,000 businesses in the tri-county region. The objective of LRC-PAC is to endorse candidates that support a favorable business climate throughout the region.