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Funding approved for major infrastructure investments, community revitalization projects, and housing development

(Lansing, MI) – The Greater Lansing region secured a major victory in the recently approved state budget as lawmakers approved funding for critical infrastructure and community revitalization projects supported by more than a dozen local organizations including the Lansing Regional Chamber of Commerce (LRCC). Several projects approved by state lawmakers were part of the Capital Region Improvement Support Package (CRISP) #2 that was developed by regional partners. More than $90 million dollars have been secured in this budget cycle, among local projects and funding amounts approved by the legislature were:

• $15 million to Ingham County for direct financing for housing programs, such as down payment assistance, affordable or workforce housing development and foreclosure prevention programs with up to $5 million for affordable or workforce housing programs in Lansing
• $10 million to Ingham County for Potter Park Zoo
• $5 million for Lansing Board of Water & Light for a steam conversion project
• $5 million for the Eaton County Intercounty Drain Project
• $4 million for a Capital Region International Airport Road project
• $3 million for an economic development organization in Lansing to support mixed-use housing
• $2.4 million for street repairs in East Lansing
• $2 million for Michigan State University’s Child Development Lab
• $1 million toward Bingham Township watermain extension project
• $1 million for Lansing City Rescue Mission
• $1 million for Cristo Rey Community Center health grant

“We are elated to have received funding for these projects that combined will continue to bolster the ongoing revitalization efforts, building upon the successes achieved through last year’s budget allocations,” said Tim Daman, president & CEO, LRCC. “We owe a debt of gratitude to our local lawmakers in the Capitol Caucus who once again worked in a bipartisan fashion to fight for and win approval for these critical infrastructure investments, community revitalization projects, and housing development.”

The Capital Region Improvement Support Package (CRISP) #2 document represents a strategic roadmap for further enhancing the development of Lansing’s central city and the broader region. CRISP #2 laid out a series of regional priority requests to the state, emphasizing proactive measures to drive economic growth, improve infrastructure, and enhance the overall quality of life throughout the region.

These initiatives include vital urban renewal projects, transportation infrastructure enhancements, and community development initiatives, all aimed at fostering sustainable progress and prosperity for Lansing and its neighboring areas. By combining these proposed projects and services, CRISP #2 demonstrates a steadfast commitment to ensuring that Lansing’s central city and the surrounding region continue to evolve into vibrant and thriving hubs, capable of meeting the demands of the future while honoring the legacy of the past. It underscores the community’s dedication to building a brighter, more prosperous future for all its residents and stakeholders.

To view the most updated budget items secured, please click here.

About Lansing Regional Chamber of Commerce:

The Lansing Regional Chamber of Commerce (LRCC) has been a trusted advocate for the business community in the Lansing region for over a century. LRCC is dedicated to fostering economic growth, providing valuable resources, and creating a vibrant business environment through advocacy, networking, and educational opportunities.