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In This Issue:

  • From Election Day to Inauguration Day
  • Lansing Regional Chamber-PAC Celebrates Election Night Success

From Election Day to Inauguration Day
The U.S. Chamber of Commerce put together a helpful guide outlining the process that occurs from Election Day to Inauguration Day.

Election Day to Inauguration Day is available here.

Lansing Regional Chamber – PAC Celebrates Election Night Success
The Lansing Regional Chamber-PAC (LRC-PAC) had a 95% success rate with 39 out of the 41 candidates endorsed winning their election during the 2020 cycle.

The LRC-PAC is the non-partisan political action committee of the Lansing Regional Chamber of Commerce, representing over 1,100 businesses in the tri-county region. The objective of LRC-PAC is to endorse candidates committed to the principles of free enterprise, economic growth, and a pro-business philosophy.

LRC -PAC Press Release
Clinton County Results
Eaton County Results
Ingham County Results